Coronavirus update

Having now reviewed emerging guidance form the Government and Public Health England, with great sadness, the time has come for the Church at St Catherine's to remain locked for the foreseeable future. St Peter's in Aston Flamville has been locked for a few days now. I have accordingly now issued instructions that the Church building must remain closed. This is not something I had ever considered I might have to countenance. It is not a decision taken at all lightly. It is hugely painful. The trajectory of public health information is dynamically obvious. It cannot be long before we are in the severe public health measures like that of our continental cousins. Our priority is now to safeguard health, prevent deaths, no matter how small we might perceive personally that risk to be - or how painful or inconvenient we might individually think such measures are. If you are a member of the congregation here or living in the Parish and want to be connected to our community - would you be kind enough to let me have your email address, so we can have working contact with you. We will post things out daily on our social media at: and Please be assured when we update our records, we will duly keep them safe as per GDPR. We want to be able to help you if you need help. Help us, please, to help you. Fr Andrew Rector Tel. 01455 230 512

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If you have a safeguarding concern, then please contact our local Safeguarding Co-ordinator, Mary Tynan at, or the parish priest. If you wish to speak to the Diocesan Safeguarding Team, or to someone outside the church, their contact details are available here

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